Backup policy

About this backup policy

This document describes the backup policy in regards to the Support Hive service.

If you have questions about this backup policy, please Contact us before using Support Hive. We may amend this backup policy from time to time, so check this page to ensure that you are aware of any changes.


This policy is in place to help maintain business continuity in the event of unexpected data loss, corruption, or in the event of disaster.


The scope of this policy extends to the backup of data held by the Support Hive service - it is not designed as a method of archiving material for extended periods of time.

Backup policy

Full backups of Support Hive databases containing user data are performed twice daily, these are held for 5 days before being overwritten.

The second daily backup is held in a separate location from the first. Both are held on UK based servers.

A separate backup of both user files and images is performed overnight daily, these are held for 5 days before being overwritten.

Backup systems have been designed to ensure that routine backup operations require no manual intervention.

Access to backups is strictly limited to authorized Support Hive personnel.

Additional “one-off” backups will be made immediately prior to any significant system upgrades.

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