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Cloud based software designed to assist supported living organisations

"Support Hive has taken our record keeping to a completely new level"

"Support Hive has been invaluable for generating information to support uplifts from funding authorities"

"During lockdown, the ability to download information to share with health professionals or any other outside agencies has been a huge benefit"

"Within seconds I can create reports that helps determine the best action/strategies to effectively support our clients"

"The financial module is again invaluable for creating complete transparency"

"Support Hive enables us as a provider to show complete transparency, provide a person centred approach and gather vital information for any health professional or outside agency."

"Our new head of care who has never use a system like Support Hive and is in complete awe of what the system can do"

What is Support Hive ?

Support Hive is cloud based software designed to assist supported living organisations. Whether you provide individualised, shared or residential care, Support Hive provides the tools for you to promote a truly person centred approach.

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Why use Support Hive ?

Since 2014 we have been helping organisations manage their business with Support Hive. We offer a bespoke experience, providing custom features and ongoing assistance, together with personal service, all at a low monthly cost. Onsite training is delivered by the same people who use and develop Support Hive.

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Support Hive offers a host of features to enable you to accurately record and report your support and manage your business effectively. Contact us to arrange a demonstration and let us show you the full range of tools including...

  • Support plans

    Support plans are presented in a familar folder structure containing information and forms. Information is presented in an easy to read format visible to staff at all times.
  • Medications

    Manage your medication administration with our easy to use, fully featured MARS tool. Includes stock management.
  • Finances

    Create multiple accounts, regular payments and balance checks with manager notification of correction.
  • Communication

    Improve communication with Notifications, Messages and Notebook (Communication book)
  • Reporting

    Extensive reporting tools enable you to analyse your information to improve support and makes report writing a breeze.
  • Dashboard

    Look at information added to the system in real time, monitor information such as medications not administered.
  • Permissions

    An individualised profile for each person provides true person centred support, extensive permissions system ensures information is only shared with appropriate people.
  • File storage

    Store your files in one place, create folders and manage permissions.
  • Tasks

    Schedule tasks to be carried out to aid support or prompt duties to be carried out by staff.

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