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An extensive suite of tools to help deliver a truly person centered approach to care.

Cross device compatibility for access on mobile, tablets, laptops and screens with an easy to use interface.

A cost effective care management system that improves communication and record keeping


Announcements and messages are just a couple of the ways your team can use Support Hive to communicate better.


By utilizing the fully featured calendar, activity and menu planners. Everyone knows what is going on.


Information for reports and reviews is easily accessible and available to download.

Benefits for team members

Support Hive enables you to focus on support, by giving you the tools to do your job. Cross device compatibility allows you to access and enter valuable information while on the go

Benefits for managers

Support Hive enables live access to all your records, securely stored in one place.It improves consistency and reporting accuracy and saves time and money by reducing the time taken on handovers, reports and communication.


"I have been using the system since my service started.

It has been really good because my staff enjoy using it and give better information than when they were writing things out by hand. Also things can’t get lost. I used to hate staff writing my “care notes” as I wasn’t included in this and it felt like an invasion of my home, also leaving their ring binders all over my flat made it look like a care home. Now I have a cool tablet in my flat and I enjoy looking at my notes and my staff include me in agreeing what is written. I can check my rota and menu when the staff are not here. I can put pictures of me doing activities in my session reports, so there doesn’t need to be long descriptions.

I like being able to view my rota at any time without having it stuck on the wall. It feels more adult and less institutional.

My team and I can message each other which helps me to feel in control, and means I don’t forget the things I wanted to say to them. Also it means I can avoid face to face conaccessation if there is something I am unhappy with.

When my staff start work they already know what has been going on so I don’t have to waste my enabling hours doing long handovers.

My friends think it is cool, it’s not embarrassing like a care plan.

The “finance” section is really cool as it helps me to keep track of how much money I have and what I am spending. Counting up coins and notes is not my strength, so this really helps me to know what I have in my purse all the time and stops me always paying for things with notes and ending up with a massive heavy purse full of change that I can’t be bothered to count up!"

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As a leading provider of services to the health and social care sector, it is our philosophy to provide ordinary lives for extraordinary people. At UKevolve Ltd we promote best practice, with our customers at the core of what we do. This approach led us to develop a system that organises our information and empowers all of our team to deliver a true person centred approach.

Support Hive is a safe and secure online application that offers a range of tools, to help improve the lives of your customers.

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